Magnet HD

MAGNET is a fun little puzzle game which you try to meet the N pole with the counterpart, S pole by using various kind of minions. Minions can pull or push other minions, colored boxes, and magnet poles. There is also minion who could clone their fellow minions. Sounds complicated? don't fear, it's easy. Just try it.

Page: magnet.coffeefury.com

Platforms: Android, Windows, Mac, Linux

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Cutting the Dead

coming soon


Swipe the boxes, carefully. Created for some effects experiment.

Page: swipebox.coffeefury.com

Platforms: Android

Google Play Download

Kaijuu Boueigun

A very short, silly, non-scroller shooting platform. Created for IGM Contest 2013.

Page: IGM thread

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux